Paper Books V’s Kindle in Research

Since partially retiring, is there any AT who really retires !, I seem to be reading a lot, I mean a lot, like three to four hours of my day is taken up with reading, some of it is the news feeds I take, some articles in Medium and other tech sites, and a mall but significant portion on my Audio account, but a lot is via my Kindle, and it’s here as I have spoken before, in other feeds and on my Linkedin account.

I make a lot of notes, with the highlight tool and a small personal note added, mostly to follow up, which can be viewed as a list just by tapping on the three dots in any book your reading and select notes from the list, together with all notes made by other readers. You can send the notes as a collection, to your email address, this has been so useful in my research on Climate and other areas of interest,

But recently I started to view my Kindle account on my MacBook Pro and the kindle app has a function to view my notes live, and best of all I can use this to further the note, ie do a search for the point in question and add further notes. This is a major advancement in researching areas of interest, I can add points, add URL links, No longer do I make notes in my small Moleskin, ok I do, but they go straight to the Kindle app editing sidebar, see the photo. There seems to be very limited text editing, the URL has no link function, but it’s easy to work around this with copy and paste, and no making bold of text to make a point, it’s basic, but I see no reason why this can not improve if Amazon sees it being used, and they get feedback.

However, if you export the notebook, from the App on the Macbook, then you’re given an HTML file to view all your notes, As a backup, this is good, I can add this file to my research folder, and search easily, the URL does not link here either, but again there is no reason why not, it’s just a matter of exporting correctly. It depends on the Auther, but there is often a limit of about 10% that can be exported, but no limit on the amount of text I can highlight. Moving your notes into your research is now a simple copy and paste, but the actual portion of the book highlighted remains, so the HTML export is still the way to go.

So it does not matter which way I want to work, just within the app, it exports all of my notes as an HTML file, probably both if I am within the 10%, as I like to followup in the Kindle, and when I am done, export to HTML and load to the right folder.

Much the same functions exist on the Chromebook App, it’s slow and a little harder to use, but it’s all there, the ability to edit my notes for the highlighted portions of text,. But the Mac version is so much slicker and functional, There is a cloud reader, that allows you to read your kindle books online, and there is a method of seeing your notes but again it’s not that good I think I will stick with the Mac, for now, well at least until the Chromebook app gets updated and brought into line with the Mac app.



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